Ova-Surge® (One Step LH Surge Kit)

Brand Name
Ova-Surge® (One Step LH Surge Kit)
Therapeutic Segment
Obstetrics & Gynecology, Infertility
One step Cassette Style LH Urine Ovulation Test

One step LH Urine Ovulation Test is fast and easy-to-use. It is a qualitative test that can predict when there is an LH (Luteinizing Hormone) surge, and in turn when you are likely to ovulate.

Besina Healthcare International

Galaxy Pharma signed exclusive distribution agreement with Besina Healthcare International,Belgium for their complete company product portfolio for Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Besins Healthcare Belgium is amongst world top research pharmaceutical companies, having amongst their distributor Pfizer (Argentina), Schering (Canada), Abbott/Solvay (USA), Solvay (India), Ferring (UK), Organon (Japan) and Galaxy Pharma in Pakistan.

In 2010, Galaxy Pharma launched in Pakistan, world's only Micronized Natural Progesterone (UTROGESTAN), which can be given orally as well as intravaginally.

Galaxy have also got other products registered as well, which will make Galaxy, Pakistan's larget company having the most safe and advanced Hormone Replacement Therapy Range (HRT), with ESTRODOSE (Metered transdermal dose gel of Estradiol), UTROGESTAN (Micronized Natural Progesterone), PROGESTOGEL (1% Natural Micronized Progesterone transdermal gel).


  1. Allow the sealed LH Cassette test pouch patient’s urine sample and control solution to reach room temperature (18 – 30 ° C).
  2. Remove the LH Cassette test device from the sealed pouch.
  3. Draw urine sample to the urine sample provided.
  4. Hold the urine dropper upright about ½ inches above the urine well of the device. Add 5 drops of urine to this well.
  5. Lay the test device on a flat surface with the result window facing up. Wait for colored bands to appear.
    Depending on the concentration of LH in the test specimen, positive results may be observed in as short as 40 seconds. However, to confirm negative result, the complete reaction time (10 minutes) is required. Do not read result after 30 minutes.



No LH Surge: Only one color band appears on the control
(C) region or the test
(T) is lighter than the control band. There is no LH surge.

· LH surge: If two color bands are visible and the test
(T) band is equal to or darker than the control
(C) band one will probably ovulate in the next 24 - 48 hours.
If one wants to be pregnant, the best time to have intercourse is after 24 but before 48 hours. Invalid: No visible band at all. Repeat test with a new test kit.