Company Profile

Galaxy Pharma was established in 2003, and today one of Pakistan's leading Pharmaceutical Company in the field of Gynecology and Oncology.

Today, Galaxy is having exclusive marketing and distribution rights in Pakistan from various world's leading multinational pharmaceutical companies.

We have our network of distribution offices in 31 cities of Pakistan, using services of over 100 sales staff and employing over 35 field staff.

LG Life Sciences, was our very major milestone back in 2003, when we got exclusive distribution and marketing rights for complete range of LG HORMONES, infertility treatment products. This made us Pakistan's 1st and only company having complete range of Gonadotropins to treat Male and Female Infertility.

Today, by the addition of FOLLITROPE from LG Life Sciences, Galaxy Pharma have become have become Pakistan's 1st and only company having complete range of Urinary and Recombinant Gonadotropins.

In 2005 we got an offer from a local company to market their Clomiphene Citrate in Pakistani market, as we were having a very strong hold in Gyne Market. My perception was different and hence I refused. The reason for refusal was my perception and that was the VISION of Galaxy Pharma, and that is we'll always bring world's most unique and niche quality based products in Pakistani market. Soon we searched Aromatase Inhibitor (Letrozole) and found a very major role of this in Ovulation Induction, predominantly very superior to Clomiphene Citrate. Letrozole is also having very major role in Advanced Breast Cancer, and now approved in USA as first line therapy in Breast Cancer in conjunction with tamoxifen.

In early 2006, we signed an Exclusive Distribution and Marketing agreement with a leading European Research Based Pharmaceutical Company, CELON PHARMA-Poland for AROMEK (Letrozole). Recently in 210 meeting of Ministry of Health Pakistan, we got approval for AROMEK, and soon this product will be launched.

In November 2006, a historic development took place not at the level of Galaxy Pharma, but at national level, and that was formation of Pakistan's 1st and Only IVF Lab Consultancy.

Galaxy IVF Division is an exclusive distributor in Pakistan for the world leading brands in ART Equipments and Consumables:

Galaxy IVF Division developed IVF Expert Board, consisting of world leading authorities in their respective fields of ART:

Galaxy Pharma launched very economical IUI Kits in Pakistani market in December 2006.

Currently almost all IVF Centers in Pakistan are our clients, and we are looking after their lab upgrades and IVF Quality Control on regular basis.